About Us

Happi Dog was born out of our love for dogs.  As our family began to foster homeless animals, we realized that we could never do enough to help.  There will always be one more dog that we want to help.  Our fundraising program allows schools, groups, and churches to select shelters or rescues they wish to support.  Ty & Maddy's donates dog treats to help these shelters and rescues. 

HappiDog products are all-natural, baked fresh, and have all made-in-the-USA ingredients.  We believe in feeding dogs just as we would feed ourselves...with nutrient rich, healthy food at affordable prices!

Our granola bars are completely vegan and gluten free and can be refrigerated, frozen, or stored at room temperature.  If frozen, it can be served as a great summer time treat.  If refrigerated, the texture is a bit firmer but not too firm.  If left out at room temperature, these are a great way to get your dog to take his or her medicine because the granola is soft enough to make a pill pocket...yay!  

Our doggy donuts are sure to please!  Who doesn't love a donut!

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